Volker's Aquarium Supplies
Winnipeg, MB Canada
PH: (204) 668-8719
email: info@volkersaquarium.com

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Specializing in freshwater fish, plants and CO2 systems.

New livestock and fish have arrived check out the Specials page for details

We offer a variety of exceptional plants, in fact we have in excess of 90 square feet to offer plant lovers of all types.

We are the first and only aquarium store to use 100% pure oxygen in the fish bags when you purchase fish. The reason for this is to reduce stress on the fish and lower the chance of death greatly, as well as to allow you the customer to be able to transport them greater distances.

For more information : Check us out in person or call to see what we can do for you.

Call (204) 668 8719 or email info@volkersaquarium.com
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